3PAR @ $30.

I just read that HP raised its offer to $30 a share. Just based on a few articles I’ve read from WSJ and FT, it seems like an overpriced acquisition, from $10 to $30. As FT stated today, “Few things inspire a loss of rationality quite so much as the fear of missing out”. What’s your opinion? As there are some value AF investors, I would like to hear your thoughts and learn some.

This is too funny. I think at this stage of the game it’s all about egos and whose got a deeper pocked and the bigger dick…HP or Dell?! We are talking about a company that lost money in 2007 and was valued $9.94 on August 13th. Was it undervalued?! Perhaps, but by $20!! And price of proposed bid is 10X its annual revenue!!

Winners Curse…was that level 1 or 2?

$30 to play a par 3 course is way overpriced unless it’s the par 3 at Pine Valley.