3rd time taker struggling with certain topics - what to do?

3rd time taker here, but failed this time around as well…

PM: Behavioural Finance, Private Wealth and Institutional and Fixed Income seem to be consistent areas of sub-par performance (~45%) on my exams. Anyone want to giver their hypotheses on what I should do to up my game here? I don’t find the topics that challenging conceptually, but I’m obviously struggling on answering these well enough on the exam… PM: Behavioural Finance, Private Wealth and Institutional doesn’t seem like my strongest area as well. Any help would be appreciated.

My “light-blue-ragne” has overlapped the MPS on the last 2 exams, so I’m not feeling like giving up… At least yet… However I am a bit worried that my current method of studying isn’t 10/10. Have done all of the EOC’s + past Mocks (+ Mark Meldrum’s Mocks), as well as the online questions in the Q bank provided by CFA.

Did try the Mock Exams provided by Mark Meldrum leading up to my last one and I felt like I got somewhat better on answering the AM part somewhat better (at least from a keyword/methodology point of view…).

I’m sorry you failed. I know how it feels. Look at my username. I have failed using everything for L3. I have been posting on these boards since 2017 for L3. I must have a million posts here on AF. I failed closely and I have failed big time.

I’m too embarrassed to say how many times I have failed. I didn’t tell anybody in my family results day was today. Go reach out to Deep 3 prep. He only works with L3 re-takers. Give him my username from AF as well and we can connect as well. I’m more than happy to chat.

It can be done. I wrote on a big board – this is my journey. BUT — that was also after a few days of feeling overwhelmed when I failed last time. Good luck.

I knew I failed way back in May and I started studying right away. Another_Att, I sent you a PM as well. Congratulations on passing.

The results were bad over here. Real bad. Deflated even though I knew.

Hey, sorry to hear you’re struggling, but kudos for not giving up.

What helped me grasp topics was answering questions on forums. Explaining to someone else really tests whether you understand a topic, and I found I did not have to memorise as much.

Good luck, trust me it’s worth the hassle.

Lets cut the problem in smaller pieces:

Behavioural Finance, PWM, & Institutional Investors: First read through all the LES questions along with the solutions.Then re-read the book. When we read the the solution, it actually uses the exact text from the book. This way we see the most important part in the book. Highlight it, and read these part mutiple times before the exam. This is one of the way to solve the problem.

Fixed Income is the real deal. Watch the videos, read the text and internalize the concepts. Solve LES questions and the problems that your got wrong, see very closely why you got it wrong. Write that down, and solve that problem again after a day or two.

Hope it helps!

Thanks Senna.
I chatted with the candidates from Deep3 and the instructor for an hour. I really like it and it seems like exactly what I need but I can’t afford the 1000 bucks. I did not get accepted for grant for CFA exam either. I don’t know who gets accepted for that. I have no money and can’t even show less income. If I got accepted for that, I would take the course.
Writing the exam again and financial problems is even tougher. Good thing is I have some interviews coming up. And the deadline for registration for Aug 9th is coming for cheaper CFA exam too. More money. It will work out though just time needed. I might just skip a sitting and keep using this forum.