3rd timers

Any 3rd timers around? First time was just a waste of money and didn’t prepare at all. Just missed last year. Pretty sick of it this time around. The silver lining of it all is that the material is much easier. LOL

Are you planning on studying on your own, just from the CFAI books, or do plan to change your approach this time for instance by signing up to some classes or something? I fell ill last year, and had to stop studying in March, so technically that makes me a 2nd timer.

I’m a 3rd timer. The first time I took it I put in zero effort and was basically still partying. The second time I took it I didn’t realize how much new stuff there was and gave up half way while I was basically still partying. So this is my third time, I party much less (getting kinda of old) and trying my best to learn this stuff this time around.

With Level 2, I think it’s easy to get into your 3rd or 4th try if you don’t put in the necessary effort, since there’s just so much stuff. It’s like trying to climb a big mountain, putting in 1/4 the required effort on four tries doesn’t mean you’ll make it. I could easily see myself taking it for the third or fourth time if I didn’t take it seriously. With Level 1, many people are going off of their residual undergraduate, MS, or MBA finance degrees, most likely combined with a few years experience working. Some smart people too, and they still fail.

I agree sublimity. Putt in the effort or face the “Fail” MehdiOchre, I’m not changing anything. Using Schweser like last year. The only thing I’m gonna do differently is doing the Q’s from the CFAI texts as well as Qbank. I was a 10 fail last year and I can count many times in April/May that I could of put in hours more of studying.