4 days to go. How are you preparing ?


I have no family, no girlfriend and a job that has relatively predictable hours and I think that my schedule is pretty full. Can’t even imagine how full it would feel if I had a toddler running around the apartment.

i had a gf and passed level 2. She only fell more in love with me the more I ignored her to study. Then she fell out of love with me when I continued to ignore her after the exam. Lol. Cycle is currently repeating itself.

At the moment I am just looking forward to writing this exam. I think most of us have done a good job studying for this exam. Of course one could have been more efficient in studying, but after all, we are just humans. I actually feel proud that I have spent so many hours studying and been so dedicated. And so should everyone else one this forum feel! Be proud and hopefully cfa institute will reward those who have been dedicated.