4 days to go. How are you preparing ?


How are everyone preparing for the exam when not studying?

I have changed my sleeping schedule in a way that I wake up @5am every day this week as I have to get up at 5am on the exam day.

I am also eating a lot of blueberries, veggies, salmon and almonds as they are said to improve brain functions.

Lastly, I try to get in my 5-15k daily run to manage the stress.

dang son.

I’m trying to dial it back a little. Yesterday I did the 2012 AM and then Second PM mock from CFAI. That was my last big full day. Today I will review them and look back on the first Schweser PM I did. Then as the week goes on I’m going to be more and more targeted before having Friday completely off.

Im also trying to make sure my eating is good and I’m getting good exercise in.

Having a 10 month old son takes care of the early wake up part for me!

Friday is light…topic tests, gips and ethics…

from now till thursday, mocks essays, mocks essays…

same here, the only different i also consume Ginkgo Biloba.

I just finished setting up a CFA-altar in the corner of my apartment. From tonight on, I’ll be doing a ritual sacrifice to the CFA gods at midnight.

Aside from that, just review and rest.

15k run? Damn. I follow a more traditional method to relieve stress. It has come very handy.

Not sure which one you are having but some salmons are toxic, you can watch documentaries on youtube. They are not healthy.

Margarita Monday, Taco Tuesday, followed by wine Wednesday. . . And tons of sleep. I’m off this whole week. Woke up next to a dime piece today too.


Anybody else fried? I don’t think I can absorb much more of this. At this point I’m aimlessly doing questions with no rhyme or reason. I’ve all but given up on the intermarket carry trade. I know enough to tick a few boxes but to do the hardcore math on that just isn’t happening.

I’m skipping anything that starts with the words “find the cash neutral duration neutral trade between the given yield curves”.

Ugh. I promise you this will be the very first question on the exam. Or something to do with carry trade, and it will sink 25% of the takers who burn up time trying to mash something together. You heard it here first

Well, if it’s two yield curves and they go “find the highest yield, and the lowest yield, and divide the difference by 2, herpa derpa derp”, I’ll be okay with that.

We also might get a juicy calculate the FVIF in a blended tax environment. We all have that T* calc down pat, right?

Don’t give in, not even once.


I memorized that in Homeric tradition

I have been drinking more coffee than water the past week.

My kid have been eating pasta with ready made sauce for diner for like 3 weeks now. I’m praying she won’t get ill the night before the exam.

72 hours from now (it’s 11:20 am in my timezone) I’ll be just running out of time on the AM session.

I need my life back

I just ordered a crappy G-Shock on amazon because I lost my last G-Shock I bought for Level 2 in my move due to a better job…

I seriously admire you guys for doing this whilst having children. I basically am a child and the only responsibility I have is basically determining if my underwear is still clean enough from yesterday to wear again today.