4 items not touched in Schwesser

  1. MBS Floaters: Is there any chance of this material being tested? For those who reviewed the Fixed Income section in the CFA curriculum, I am talking about the section dealing with floaters and inverse floaters. I don’t see an LOS which specifically covers this but is also wasn’t an optional section. Are you guys studying this, specificaly the caps used to determine the floating rate and inverse floating rate? 2) TAC tranches: Forget what these are but also saw Schwesser did not cover this. 3) Moving Average models. From quant. 4) GARCH models. From quant. Please share your thoughts.

Arch models are too much for me so f@ck GARCH

ha, when I saw GARCH model as an answer choice somewhere I thought it was fake.

It’s a bit worrying that there is an end-of-chapter question on floaters in the FI section. However, on the other hand none of these are LOS’s What the hecks a TAC tranche? I’m hoping its a typo…

You know, there are probably a bunch of tiny topics with a low liklihood of being tested that CFAI covers and Schweser doesn’t. Maybe if you’re kabil and averaging 90%, you should learn these with 3 days to go…otherwise, I would focus on the main stuff that you still haven’t mastered and WILL actually see on the exam.

are you sure it wasn’t like in the “optional segments” of the cfa curriculum… especially since they’re not in the LOS

Not in the LOS => not covered by Schweser - and I’m fine with that !