4 months v/s CFAI text v/s Schweser

Lot of us just passed the Dec 07 exam. From Jan23rd (Jan 30th after receiving books) - leaves us with exactly 4 months (almost 17 weeks). I don’t think I can cover CFAI lengthy texts in this time period. I will think myself as lucky if I am able to finish schweser material in 17 weeks. For Level II, I am not even sure whether it will suffice or not? Does anyone else has any other advice? What is the best way to approach Level II in four months? Thanks, AG

Easy way out would be Schweser videos where they tell you some tips and tricks and guide you through all the material. Then, use Q-bank to determine where you’re lacking. For areas like PM, Asset and FSA, go through the CFA books quickly without reading closely but try and find out if there are any areas you may have touched only lightly in the Schweser material. Go for questions and mock exams and find explanations for wrong answers in the CFA books. You were wrong so you want to go to the real thing for the right answer. My two cents.

I agree with mcpass. Schweser videos are an extemely effecient way of covering the concepts.

I have order Schweser Premium Solution & chose Online weekly seminar. Are Video CDs cover something different or same as in Online seminar.

Read the Schweser Study Notes, referring to the CFAI texts where greater detail is required.