4 years ago today

This is me 4 years ago today in a cold attic at 0530 reading 2012 CFA books that had been left in the office.

The game plan was to do 20% more than the average candidate at every level to improve the odds of me passing, so I started early and clocked 360 hours for the level I exam.

Same strategy for level II & level III and as I am writing this I am a pretty proud CFA Charterholder.

Get crystal clear on where you want to be, commit and look forward to looking back one day like I am right now. Feel great!


I love the look! Sheer, unadulterated mastery.

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Och aye, 'tis a bonnie book to be sure!!!

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You misspelled “misery”.


Haha totally. I remember passing level one and thinking I’ve bitten off waaaay more than I can chew here :laughing:

Tis an S&M thing I recon

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You’re doing recon on S&M?

Does that make you a peeping tom?

No no no that’s outrageous behaviour.

I mean there is great pleasure to be had from the misery/pain of studying for these exams :smirk:

looking good