40/60/80 Calculator

Hey Guys, I hope you’re doing well!! I have a question, maybe a basic one:( all people are talking about the “40/60/80 Calculator”, what does it mean?! Is it the way in which CFA Institute computes the scores? Thanks and Regards.

In an article last week, they officially published that they would be using the “40/60/80 Calculator” to grade the CFA-L1 examination. Its based on the 30°-60°-90° theorem, so from now on, you just need to concentrate on the 3 most important & concentrated topics as per the herfindahl-index, which for L1 is Derivatives, Portfolio Management and Alternative Investments in that order. The lesser distributed your scores are around the Least Squares Fitted line, the more explanation the Coefficient of Determination gives to the CFAI, so you see what the hype is all about? But mind you, they still have not published the minimum R-square needed to win the exam comfortably.

this close to the dec exam shouldn’t people be concentrating on studying rather than misleading people?

Thanks for your explanations, But I still no see clear:( can you give me an example please? you just metioned the least weighted sections in the L1 exam, what about the others?! Thanks again!

Use “Search”, you’ll find the answer. This close to the exam, no need to clutter the forum with FAQ questions that have been answered 100s of times.

what CFAI uses for grading the exam is still a mystery to the world, so it would be great if we focus more on concepts that will help us pass the exam, than to focus on the techniques employed to generate a PASS result. but “40/60/80 Calculator” is a pretty good estimate to the real thing. It’s said that 70% on that calculator is a good-to-have-figure. Lets reserve these talks for the post-exam 45 days whilst’ we wait for the results. cielito, consultanst are usually fired if they are found (sneaking) studying for the CFA rather than doing what they are paid to do so, write softwares, but we are free to use the computers and bandwidth within … so just thought of having some fun and breaking the tension at AF.