40 days for CAIA, possible?

Just finished up lvl 1 and was wondering how hard would it be to go for the Sept CAIA? My background is mostly the cfa material, but I noticed there was a lot of overlap (ethics, quant, etc). So is it doable?

Its not a hard exam. Don’t take it too lightly, you get two work books. A month should be just fine.

i registered and am waiting for my books. I will take it in mid sept – that gives me 45 days to study. good to see you are taking it too! they should have a forum for that, too I look forward to the hedge fund and private equity stuff

Problem with CAIA is the annual dues. All these certifications have costs PRM at least has no annual dues,

CAIA annual due is 250. 400 to register. 2000 to take level I and II. yeah, it is expensive. theoretically though, think about the money you will make in your future lifetime when you have CFA and CAIA. plus, it is an investment. think about time val of $. also, my bet is CAIA gets bigger over next decade. i dont want to be taking this in my mid 30s. also, i did research on PE and HF shops. they are not going away. the CAIA will see exponential growth (you want to model it, okay, use log linear – Level 2 material!!!) over the next 10 years.

Looking for this article Meredith, R., N. De Brito, and R. De Figueiredo. “Portfolio Management with Illiquid Investments.” Citi Alternative Investments. June 2006, p. 26-31. please help archive.info80@gmail.com

Where does CAIA matter? It’s this hedge fund certification except I’ve never seen anyone in hedge fund land care at all about it.



some hedge fund job posts mention the CAIA, but you guys are all right. it is not well known, by most standards. and it is expensive. but if you were going to go into fund of funds management, they indeed know about the CAIA. If you can only do one, of course do the CFA. I imagine having the CAIA could be a modest hedge against failing level 2 or 3, since you can take CAIA every 6 months. Furthermore, there is overalp with CAIA quant/AI and CFA level I/II quant/AI…just an idea.

I missed the deadline for the sept exam, so waiting until the next one. Anyone know if the curriculum books will change from what they are now? The entire curriculum (http://www.caia.org/program/studyguides) workbooks are online, I’m considering just buying the books, learning the material thats not covered in CFA and not taking an exam. Maybe down the road if it becomes more recognized.

I am using Schewser and am very happy with them. also http://www.uppermark.com/ is another source for books. sorry you missed the deadline. I will let you know how it goes on sept 10. i take it the 9th and am about 15% thru the material.