401(k) YTD Returns

well boys (and gals), i am posting a whopping -22.2% return in my 401(k) this year. looks like those emerging markets are taking a little hit this year. i will stay the course with my aggressively diversified portfolio and continue to dollar cost average in this downturn. what is your return YTD???

-17.7%, I have most of my future contributions going into real estate, precious metals, and emerging markets

i’m afraid to look.

I’m in the same boat… probably a little worse. But I’m young and I just ramped up my and my hubbies contributions. He’s getting killed right now in his euro fund, had held up well but down 5% a day in last two days. My company has a mngd fund that supposed to track the S&P 500, but that damn tracking error lesson is coming back to me as its off by about 15% in the wrong direction! I feel really bad for those close to retirement w/ “real” $$ in their accounts. My coworker turned to me yesterday and said “I lost 30k today”… and this is a older lady (maybe a couple years to retirement) that is by no way wealthy and has 100% in the most conservative of cap preservation funds. That blows.

I’ll look at my YTD again on Jan 2. Its less depressing that way.


I’m thinking about putting some dough on the WV/Colorado game tonight…maybe I’ll make some of my 401K back. Or maybe I’ll sink further into depression?

JoeyDVivre Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > +12%… JoeyD! Share with us your allocation strategy! You kept same allocation since Jan 1 or do you reallocate according to market conditions? Or is this nonsense

401K: -13% Roth IRA: +9.68%

-23.87%–most in emerging markets and mainly Africa/Middle East.

-28.8% Core in BRIC.

Personal Rate of Return from 01/01/2008 to 09/17/2008 is -3.8% I rebalanced a few months ago when I switched job and LUCKILY got rid of my LEH positions.

JoeyDVivre Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > +12%… yeah right!

Im up 3 percent , i put it in one of the short term govt options because i thought i woulda leff this company by now, ha ha, yay, sniff

-15 in my 401k mostly in us stocks roth probably -25 or so…mostly foreign etfs and emerging market fund and alternative energy fund. My foreign holdings have taken quite a beating… not really worried about these funds as they have at least 30 plus years left but I am a little worried about my 5 year brokerage acct…that is looking pretty ugly too!

+0.21% Edit: double checked

About -8% It would be -17% but my company’s stock is up 65% this year. I need to rebalance. I’m at like 35% net worth in company stock. I nearly crapped when I read about that SVP at Merrill who got his clock cleaned on LEH.

SVP at MS not MER

comp_sci_kid Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > SVP at MS not MER Oops. You’re right. Either way, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb. Especially for a guy who isn’t exactly young. I mean, if most of the people on this board got totally wiped out, it would suck, but based on the age threads I’ve seen, most of us would be ok.

-15.02% Mostly a mix of domestic and foreign ETFs.