401k allocation?

How are you invested in your retirement account? Is this the worst possible time to sell out of equities?

I am currently: 51% Large Cap 10% Mid / Small 15 % International 9% Asset Allocation Quant Fund 15 % Bonds I use all index funds in my 401k except the Quant fund. I would hang tight. Selling equities is probably not a very good idea right now. I have never heard so many people being so negative on the market which is probably a good indicator that the bottom is near. We may still go lower but I think 5 years from now we will likely see this as a great buying opportunity.

Intermediate-Term Bond 10.00% Large Value 10.00% Large Growth 10.00% Mid-Cap Growth 10.00% Small Blend 10.00% Foreign Large Blend 35.00% Moderate Allocation 5.00% Large Blend 10.00% Subtotal 100.00%

100% real estate (recently rebalanced), had been in precious metals

my target policy is at: 35% dom eq (index fund) 15% bond (PIMCO Total Return) 25% Int Eq (index fund) 10% EM (lazard) 15% sector/discretionary (moving it back energy/infustructure/healthcare)