44 Months Submitted, 0 Months Accepted

I was just checking the formalities required to apply for the CFA Charter (after passing level 3). I filled in some details in “Work Experience” tab when I cleared level 1. Now I see the status as “44 Months Submitted, 0 Months Accepted”. I have 2 questions: 1) Does this mean that the CFA Institute people have gone thru my experience details and found that it is not eligible (I never submitted the application for a membership…why should they be bothered with what I fill-in?) 2) If they’ve already checked my work-ex…can I update it retrospectively now. Will they recheck it and evaluate my eligibility again or have I lost 4 yrs work-ex already? Need help, guys!

if at the top of the page, it says “currently under review” it means that it has not been evaluated yet. You have to have your sponsor forms on file before they will even look at it. if it has been in process for a while, and the application is complete, you can email them. the address is available in the FAQs. if you need to update your work experience profile, or add details, they will tell you to email them in and they will go in and do that for you and resubmit it if indeed you have not been accepted.