45 days and about to start

had perused through the material a bit but actually going to study now…6 weeks, 6 scwheser books…coincidence i think not…plan on reading a book a week and doing qbank questions on the weekends…anyone in the same boat?

Good luck, but you better get off the internet and get to work!

i am. i have had the schweser books since august. perused through a few books… completed book 1, going through book 5 during breaks at work, and most of the econ concepts i’ve looked at, i already know (econ major, just graduated in may). i’m going to try to finish the books in 5 weeks and do questions on weekends. i will be focusing most of my efforts on FSA. im taking off from work the week before the exam so that’ll be time to just do questions non-stop. this probably won’t work and, if it does, i am well aware that it won’t for level 2. but better late than never.

You guys might want to read the “how to do the CFA in 50 days” post.

leslie how are u doing so far? i finished the ethics reading and qbank, will be finished with the economics reading and qbank this weekend

dazed- at this point i’d advise less reading and more q-bank. that’ll at least alert you to what you are bad at so you can focus your reading there. good place to start is a FSA qbank test- do maybe 40 questions, include all sections. If you’re not getting over 80% or so, prepare to completely dork out for the next 2 months until you do. qbank and other practice questions should give you a good feel of if you’re somewhat ready or about to have the worst 6 hours of your life in a few months. reviewing the answers should take you back to the readings and make it all really stick in your mind.

@Dazed What’s your academic background? If you have a master degree or equivalent thing and additional a finance background- then your strategy will have a good chance. In every case: good luck…

hey dazed - i’m finishing up FI/Deriv/AI today. FSA this week… i just hope i can manage to get through it. I’m trying to do qbank questions every day for the sections i’ve already studied to keep it all fresh but it’s tough. it feels like i’m relying on my short term memory now. Maybe I’ll start taking Ginkgo biloba. How are you feeling?

cfaisok- i work in finance/accounting so i do have some background with this, esp. the FSA part…but it is still alot of info to remember…qbank is my best and only friend these upcoming weeks… leslie- email me at bburke1400@aol.com, a friend in need is a friend indeed

Good luck, yours CFAISOK