45 days to go...how are you feeling, and why?

On a scale of 1 to 10…

1 = you are screwed, you are only halfway through the material will be retaking in 2016.

10 = you feel good, low stress, already scoring 80%+ on mocks, high likelihood of passing.

…and why?

Right now, I’m at a 6.

Ive done 2 pass throughs of all the material, all BBs and EOCs. However, being a retaker, with my third child on the way (my first child was born a few months before I completed L1), I know/feel this is my last gasp at getting the CFA charter. I want/need my life back, as does my wife and kids. This makes me VERY nervous, and I don’t think I’ll ever “feel” like I’m at a 9 or 10.

I suggest everyone keep their head down, give it all you can between now and then, forget the mocks and learn the material. Just my oppinion but I think mocks are a bad idea. Waste of precious time that could be spent learning the material.

I was Band 10 in 2013 and Band 9 in 2014. This is L3 so you know those bands are pretty tight and just a few points away from the MPS. There were two questions on the 2013 exam I bombed and I didn’t read the fine print on a few of the AM questions in last year’s exam which cost me a pass. Sometimes you get a dream exam that was written just for you. I have yet to see one written for my strengths.

I feel comfortable with the material minusin a few weak areas that I’m honing in on. I’m doing every BB, EOC, AM exam I can get my hands on. My problem is not being able to fully execute in the AM exam. I’m going to work on my approach to the AM exam over the next month and develop a gameday strategy.

I’m currently in business school and now have a two month old in my house. I’ll never hit the 9 or 10 level, but I feel optimistic about my chances now.

All the best Chuckrox8 and others. May you all pass this year. I will be retaking it next year. I was Band 3 in 2014. I have not yet cracked open a book. Various reasons which I shall not get into. I shall attempt past CFAI AM and schweser mocks. No time to read.

On a scale of 1 to 10, I am at zero. At peace. not nervous, frustrated, angry. Nothing. Serene. Life happens and things don’t go as planned. Why spoil my peace of mind on something beyond my control. I shall be back next year and pass level III in 2016.

For this year though, I shall give it my best effort within the time constraints and help with the curve.

Yep, i need my life back too. I failed band 5 last year!! Quite a way off the MPS. I am super nervous about this too!!!

Feel great… can’t wait to relax on memorial day

5… This is the crunch time, I’ve read the material twice, I’ve done the EOC questions, I’m taking my first mock tomorrow… maybe I’ll be a 6 on Monday.

Band 10 then Band 9? did your prep change last yr, what have you done differently from yr to yr?

I was Band 9 last yr… that helps keep me going that i’m “close” yet still so far away.


i dont know how i feel. i feel pretty good while going through the material and working the problems, but then i move on and feel like a forgot it all once i come back to it. ill say a 4…but i have never felt good on any of the exams.

what is the most bang for the buck these last weeks? i got at least a week left before i start my first mock. going to continue with the BBs and EOCs for now

6 yesterday. (If i’m lucky enough, I can pass)

4 now crying(after doing some reading 10 taxes question)

The scale depends on what section of the book i’m reading.

The more I study the more I realize I don’t understand enough of the material to pass.

It was about 2 before I popped in here… Now after I read everything u wrote it’s around point five, or so… U guys always draw Mps to such hights that it gets impossibleeeeee

If Galli isn’t confident I don’t know who can be… Galli seems to be providing good answers on every thread