45 hours week

If I have any chance to get prepared to Level II if I have to work 45 hours a week?

No. Nobody who passes Level II works 45+ hours/week.

How can you be so certain??

I think what Bdubya means to say is that quite a few here work a 45+ hour week.

DSLHU: From the “CANDIDATE PREPARATION GUIDE” (included with the curriculum): “You find time where there is no time” (South African lady inside) The enclosed postcards will further answer your question

You should have time to study for level 3 if you’re working 45 hours a week, especially if you’re already planning for the exam now.

I thought it is illegal to work more than 37.5 hours per week?

there are people who pass all 3 back to back with 80 hours a week. 45 hours a week i imagine is just average.

DSLHU, are you French?

45 hours doesn’t sound bad at all. Why the hell wouldn’t you pass with these hours? I’ve seen guys passing with flying colours working 70+ per week and no days off in the week before the exam.

i work roughly 50 hours a week minimum. i managed to squeeze through lvl 1 with 6 months of straight studying under my belt. i’m starting in October for lvl 2.

If you’re working 45 hours a week, have 3 kids, a nagging wife, and a daily 3 hour commute in your car, then it will be tough… Otherwise, you should have more than enough time if you start early.

45 hours leaves plenty of time to study I worked about 60-65 per week plus a 1.5 hours commute (I drive so cant use it to study) and passed 3/3 the key is to start early and to find time, every minute counts

Bambi, if you dont mind my asking, how early did you start before each exam? Also, how much work experience in the field did you have going into this?

bdubya Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > No. Nobody who passes Level II works 45+ > hours/week. I’ll prove you wrong on that statement. Level 2 may be harder than Level 1, but I passed L1 with no difficulties. 45+ at work and with wife and baby. I think I’ll pass this one too… It’s all a matter of planning it well. It’s not that difficult, there is just A LOT to remember

Excellent detection of sarcasm, Bacaladitos.

but Turkish, he didn’t detect the sarcasm at all, I don’t understand how you can call that excellent detection of sarcasm…


Au contraire, newsmaker. My fellow Canuck Turkish rarely misses a beat, and this was no exception. He, himself, was being sarcastic/facetious in his comment on how he got Bacaladitos on bdubya’s initial comment. Looks like you got a couple people with the fish hook. Well played Turk, my boy, well played!

Zim, this joke is getting too deep even for me…Who is in on the joke here, you, newsmaker or even me? It is to you, I say well played. Did you hit up Footwork this summer?