48 Months Exp. question

On the application for CFA membership, do you provide month & day for periods of employment or just months? In other words, as a purely theoretical example, if you started work on May 31st and worked until June 1st of the same year, would that be logged as two months? Perhaps there’s rounding of months?

2 months. They don’t allow you to put days, just months (IIRC).

Thanks. Have a follow-up question. Can you submit work experience without also sending out sponsor forms? I’d like to see where the work experience shakes out, before bothering sponsors.

As I recall, they don’t approve/disapprove until after you submit sponsors. I had the same concern. I was approved the first time though.

if i did a rotational analyst program where i did a few rotations in different departments w/ the same general job characteristics, can i just describe this generally as one piece of experience, or are they going to require that i break it out and go into detail on each rotation which they will then approve/reject?