49 Free CFAI ethics questions

Hi all, I got this link from the forum a few weeks ago and saved it in order to do it this week, but it’s currently not working. Was it moved somewhere? Did someone save a pdf that they can send? http://www.cfainstitute.org/404/404.aspx?oldUrl=http://www.cfainstitute.org/centre/codes/ethics/self_exam.html&k=self_exam.html

I was hoping to come back to this too. Does anyone have it? If so, could they send it? kickinthebricks@gmail.com It would be much appreciated!

not sure if this is what you mean, but on cfa website, there is a 49 page long PDF with extra Q’s, as well as a 60 minute online practise exam ???

most of these are fairly straightforward - a good 30min “review” of ethics

google CFA ethics filetype:pdf, it’s the second link (if that’s what you’re talking about. it’s 10 ethics cases, about 49 pages). if that’s not it, I’m going to take a look anyway.

Dude it took me 15 seconds to find it on the website.

did anyone do these and can comment on if theyre good questions? seems like it wuold be time consuming but ay be worth the time

I took it yesterday. They start off straightforward but get a bit harder, but nothing too hard. They’re a good review though and will take you 45 minutes. No feedback at the end, just if you got them right/wrong. I scored ~85%. In short, if you’re scoring >80% on your mocks in Ethics, don’t bother. Focus on other weaknesses. Just my opinion though. Here’s the original link I used. http://webapp2.aimr.org/aimr/Register.asp?SESSION=1056824018437627 If it doesn’t work, use this link: https://www.cfainstitute.org/ethics/codes/Pages/standards_of_practice_exam.aspx

i think the link you are posting is for something else. you need to create a login and psswd. whats referenced above is this lnik: https://www.cfainstitute.org/partners/university/Documents/ethics_cases.pdf so i dont think its the same thing.

the show NY, The link I posted is for 49 ethics questions. I created an account last year. It’s part of the CFAI and it says that it will append your results to your records or something like that. The link you posted seems interesting, but different than the 49 questions mentioned above. Have you looked at it? Useful?

thats what i am trying to figure out myself

Thanks for posting these links, guys.

The 10 cases that Hawgdriver references are very useful. A few of them come straight from them come straight from the CFA portion of the text but about 5 cases I have not seen so I they would make for good review/practice on Friday. Thanks for posting.