4th Attempt...Finally cleared CFA Level 2

Extremely happy that I finally passed level 2 exam on my 4 attempt. Passed Level 1 in 2013…been a rough road after that. With passing rates going down glad this time it was 46%. Finally a breath of fresh air after a long time.


Congrats. My first attempt and I failed - thinking of giving up. I studied so hard but the exam was nothing like the curriculum. Not sure how anyone passed.

May I know what you did that was different from previous attempts? Any tips will be appreciated.

Congratulations! You are almost there.

Congratulations, Wajahat!

I failed too. I did much worse than I thought.

On the exam I didn’t find the questions particularly hard, and I was able to find matching answers for the most part. Maybe I just did things wrong and fell for the trick answers.

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True dedication. Keep it up and congratulations!

Thank you

Thank you Magician!

Thanks a lot.

Congratulations on your milestone!!!

Video lectures of CFA approved prep provider (Mr. Arif Irfanullah) helped me a lot. I would suggest to go for a prep provider. Some times we need a different perspective to understand the material.

Thanks a lot

Congrats man, that’s resilience

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Thanks Blaciv

Congratulations! that must be a huge relieve. This coming February 25 will be my 3rd attempt at Level II paper. Please wish me luck!

P/S: I’m also relying on IFT videos by Arif Irfanullah. his videos are superb!

Congratulations Wajahat. If I could pick your brains for a minute. How many hours/weeks you think you took to prep? Also you solely relied on IFT videos lectures? Which package you opted for?
Goodluck for Level 3 buddy!

@highroller Thanks a lot. Dont remember how many hours, but spent a good portion of my life studying level 2 lol. I studied from schweser notes and in the last attempt I used IFT material which I would say is very helpful. There is a basic package with discounted rates for Pakistani students that contains all the videos.