5,000th post

It took me almost eight years to get here, but it has been a great run. I never thought I’d be here for 5,000 posts, but also didn’t realize how much I could learn from people here and how many good connections I’d make over the years. Just wanted to thank everyone here for making the forum a fun, educational, and irreverent place to be, and for providing endless sources of entertainment and distraction from the everyday office grind (especially the Water Cooler folks).

Thank you, AnalystForum. Here’s to 5,000 more.

Hold up, let me get you a tissue.

Good on ya mate. I was pretty excited to break onto the first page of the leaderboard and then get to 4k a few days ago.

Congratulation and thank you for all of your contributions to AF over the years. I know there are a lot of people who have benefited from your advice.

Congrats mate.

Word. AF has made the workday run a little smoother.

You were able to convince the Almighty to come out of hiding. Kudos to you, Numi!

Thanks for all the kind words guys – much appreciated!

If you averaged 500 words in those 5000 posts, that’s a total of 2.5M words.

Me too! This is my 5000th post! But it didn’t take me eight years.

OP is a legend.

Not sure that’s something to be proud of.

Congrats Numi!

^You’re a year late.

Congrats Greenman. We’ve been posting for about the same amount of time. I can’t fathom 5,000 posts.

^I keep forgetting that threads get dragged up from the dead around here pretty often

I thought I was somethign special when I reached 1,000 points. Nice job Numi. You’re HOF material for sure.

^ Now we have to get a push to bring the HOF to AF. Let’s get the ball rolling.