5 books on PM

Hello all, Just wondering where do we start? Level I & II had individual sections so it didn’t matter much. I suppose these PM books are related in one way or another. Re-takers or passers please advice if there should be any pattern in the Level III LOS. Thank you, Anish

For what it’s worth, i’m going to start much earlier than L2, but with less intensity, and start on the stuff I personally find most interesting. That will be behavioural finance for me, and it won’t (hopefully) feel much like work. I reckon L3 is going to need a MUCH different approach to 1 and 2. I have a feeling that the traditional strengths of a western, liberal education are going to be more valuable at L3, i.e. critical thinking, qualitatitive learning. I have always felt that some of the Chinese candiates I know, who breeze the quantitative stuff, might find 3 less suited to their style. They tend to be less comfortable with grey areas…

thanks for the comment. I guess i need to figure out what in PM i like. I’ll just go as the CFAI has arranged the LOS. There must be a reason for it.

The SS are still deal with individual topics eg. FI , equity , Economics etc …only this time they are not labelled as such .

Rudeboi - do you by any chance live in the UK?

I live in UK, no joke.