5 day Dallas instead of Windsor

Thinking about doing the 5 day Dallas instead of Windsor to save $$$. Looking at both I see it’s the same instructor, just Windsor has 12 more hr of instruction. Is it simply the practice exam which adds most of the extra instruction at Windsor?

windsor also includes your room and food… did you factor those costs in when you compared?

last year in the Dallas course for Level 2, the exam was the Windsor exam!

Dallas includes breakfast and lunch. I have tons of hotels pts but could also do priceline for $50 a night = $300. Hence the $1100 dallas class vs $1800 for Windsor (after discounts) is what I’m debating. Not really a perfect option… Budfox… how many people were in your class at Dallas? Are you doing it again this year?

i take a weekly one offered here. I have never taken the 5 day one, but the same professors teach there (i think). If money is not a problem, I have always heard great things about Windsor.

But from looking at it, it looks like the same teachers at Windsor teach the 5 day class.

if that is the case, then I would hit up the one in Big D and save the dough. If Marc Lefebvre is teaching, he is excellent.

So Marc Lefebvre is good? Dallas Marc Lefebvre Greg Filbeck David Wiley - Ethics Windsor Bruce Kuhlmann Mitchell Conover Greg Filbeck David Wiley - Ethics So basically Lefebrve vs Kuhlmann & Conover

don’t know the Windsor guys. But Lefebvre is excellent.