5 days - Leave it all on the field

Feeling like most normal people out there i’m sure, infinite amount of material to cover in 5 days. The fear factor is in full effect and i’m GIVING IT EVERYTHING I GOT. I’m right on the borderline of passing, 80 on two schweser mocks and 65-68 on two CFAI mocks. I’m doing full FRA review today, Full equity review next tomorrow, Full ethics and light PM (haven’t reviewed at all Wednesday, Thursday/Friday memorize formulas and touch on some key concepts that i know i’m lacking on like currency triang arb, emerging market valuation, swap refresher. SHOW TIME IS ALMOST HERE, FINISH LINE IN SIGHT…LETS GO EVERYONE!!!

I’m a slow learner/thinker overall, so cramming or rushing anything doesn’t work too well for me. That being said, I’ve studied about 700 hours, so I’m pretty much good to go. I was at “giving it everything I got” 5 weeks ago, and now I’m totally burnt out. I’m in “take it easy and try to be well rested and not totally fatigued for Saturday” mode. I was in very high gear for 5 weeks in a row, and I just crashed hard 2 days ago.

Also, I don’t think you’re borderline at all. Those scores are solid.

I wish I could have studied harder during the lead up but I am the opposite, almost burnt out a couple of times trying to overstudy during the week. I’m more of a intense lead up to the exam which is alot riskier, hopefully can pull through.

Although its a bit worrying when I read AA and someone talks about a concept that I’m unfamiliar with!!

700 hours?! damn

So 65-67 is solid? I thought that was pretty much borderline.

65-67 on the schweser is borderline… OnTheGrind is breaking 80. Thats about the highest I’ve seen or heard of.

If you had no job, you would too :smiley:

IMO 80’s on Schweser, and 65-68 on really challenging CFAI mocks is solid. I’m mid 80’s on Schweser, and 68-72 on CFAI mocks…

I’m averaging 73% on the Schweser practice exams, the average right now seems to be around 66% on the four first exams. I have an hypothesis that the average score will go down over the next few days when more and more ill-prepared candidates try the practice exams. My best scores were 80%, 82%, 83% and the worst one 62% (but then the average was even lower). I did worse than the average on one exam. Was in “Band 7” last year.

Total burnout. I can’t do any more practice problems.

It might not be 700 hours in one single year… :slight_smile: