5 days left. Should I practice new mocks or revise the existing ones

So far I’ve done 4 full mock sets (3 from schweser book 1 and one from cfai). Im wondering whether to start solving the remaining mocks from schweser book 2 or revise the ones I’m already done with. Please advise.

I’m wondering too. I am hovering around 71-74% on the Scweser exams…is there any point doing more mocks? or just reviewing materials and memorizing?

I have two mocks left that I havent taken. Considering I am working full time this week through Thursday, I am just going to work through the mock exam problems as I have time. Im going to start with FRA, Econ and Fixed Income (areas where I struggle the most) I feel pretty good about Ethics, Quant, Equity, Alt, PM so I will only go through them again with the mocks if I have time. The day before I plan on doing some light review, nothing crazy.

I wouldn’t be taking more mock/practice exams this last week; you don’t want to wear yourself out before the real exam.

I’d be reviewing the answers on my previous mock/practice exams that I missed, reviewing Ethics, reviewing formulae that I hadn’t committed fully to memory, and reviewing the multitude of lists of junk to memorize (e.g., leading/coincident/lagging economic indicators). I’d make sure that I got a good night’s sleep Thursday and Friday. I’d relax on Friday; if I were to look at anything on Friday, it would be nothing more than formulae and lists.

if i were you, i’d review the answers to the cfai mock and do the CFAI sample exams if they still do them. there is a fee but in my view CFAI written questions trump all others and from experience a few questions on saturday might look familiar if you do the samples.

having said that, this time 2 years ago i did the opposite, ie more mocks, and still passed so i don’t think there’s harm in doing a few more papers.

I’m having problem in those areas as well. For now, I’m just going to peruse the questions in the remaining mocks and not solve the entire paper.