5 days left - what to study?

I’m taking the Dec 09 Lvl 1 test. I haven’t really studied at all. I do have a very thorough undergraduate business background, majored in finance and accounting, and just out of school, so almost all of it is still fresh. I’ve started to go hardcore on the studying this week - I know passing is a long shot, but I still think I have a good chance, since I haven’t hit something I’ve never seen before yet in the secret sauce and i’m about halfway through. With only 5 days left, which sections would you advise me to focus on to maximize my chances? I’m going to spend a good amount of time with Ethics for sure - anything else that would merit a serious drilldown of my time? This is a ridiculous request - so feel free to rag on me and claim I’m an idiot for doing so (I agree) - but I’d seriously appreciate some frank advice as to how to go about this. Thanks!

You mean Dec 08 I’m guessing? Yeah I’d focus on FSA, Ethics and Equity/F.I. Not going to lie to you man, you’ve got a slim chance if you are actually just starting right now. Best of luck though and don’t get discouraged!

Thanks! Much appreciated. Which questions / practice exams are considered the most useful? I only have the standard CFAI books and the schweser set.

i have the same undergrad, finance and accounting… although i’m not fresh out of school like u are, i’m hardcore studying this week and still not comfortable, and i started about 3 months ago (not really hardcore until the last month). there is just so much material that, to be honest… its gonna be tough. i’d start with the most heavily weighted sections and work your way down… good luck!

Try doing the end of chapter questions in the CFA text that are from the 2005 CFA exam (they’re labelled). And from what I’ve heard, the CFA mocks are good to do since the wording/difficulty is similar… so you can gauge where you stand after taking those… I haven’t done one yet, but plan to.

1- do CFAI samples and mocks. 2-Schweser practice exams. 3- Hone skills with Q bank. do 3 instead of 2 if you like or dont have time gl

i’m in the same position going to make sure i can do the calculations and ethics the worded ones seem to have a better chance of guessing it right sigh zzzzzzzzzzzz

“the worded ones seem to have a better chance of guessing it right sigh zzzzzzzzzzzz” awesome.

nearly 2am in melbourne which is the norm bed time for me past three weeks sleep for a few hours wake up go to work and keep a job rush and leave early before 6 to come home and study for 6 hours straight serves me right for cbf study before november werdwerd how are u going now? do you regret searching “cfa help” in google and coming across this forum? cause i do big time.

Your schooling didn’t prepare you for the Ethics section, so hit it hard. Definitely take a couple practice exams, then go figure out what your weak areas are.

yep, focus on ethics. And if you’re wondering why you didn’t get ragged on, you admitted your mistake, totally changed most people’s perception.

I agree with Black Swan. Focus on ethics. It will make or break you. Also, use this time to memorize every single formula. Why waste points on forgetting a simple formula?

thanks guys!! so suprised i didn’t get flamed lol

this is REALLY helpful, thanks everyone! I’ve been going insane - I’m really starting to lose hope, and I often just put down the book and say, “I’m not going to pass anyway,” haha. And yes - I seriously regret finding this forum. Ignorance WAS bliss…until now. Slowly getting ethics as everyone is saying that it’s pivotal. I now know that CFAs can get drunk when not at work, and commit misdemeanors as long as they don’t involve fraud, theft, or deceit. Now I can drink comfortably outside of the office…hooray.

Werd werd… I think this would work nicely - Don’t take any schweser mocks or samples. Look over them if you need to, but don’t put any more money into this investment… ( take sample at most ). That would be just Escalating your position. Read Sauce. Go through “BROWSE LOS” on the schweser website. Take LOS QUIZ after each reading. Work 12 - 15 hours a day and get through each LOS. Any additional time read Sauce again.