50% on first Schweser practice exam (am I dead???)

Hey all, just finished first practice exam in Schweser and scored 50. Many were dumb mistakes, but am I doomed or what? Can this be done. I plan on putting in a good 3-4 hrs/day from here on in…

work on FSA and ethics and your score should be better

Agreed. FSA was looooooo. Can it be done?

Another thing, does anyone know if Scweser practice exams are similar to CFAI? Do they tend to be easier or harder?

Canadianloco Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Agreed. FSA was looooooo. > > Can it be done? FSA = 25% of exam

Try the free CFAi 60 q test. Their structure will be more like the actual questions asked. I don’t understand why more people aren’t using them since they are the ones writing the tests.

Thx. Will do.