504 plan

a friend of mine just told me he signed up his kid for this. i never heard of it. anyone have a 504 plan?

I’ve heard of people having this. They usually ‘wobble wobble’ and ‘shake it shake it’

Never heard of it, from google it looks like a government plan for children with disabilities.

Wow, now my 504 boyz song reference sounds really bad in light of 504 plan children with disabilities.

@hp: there is a separate plan called IEP but this is different.

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It sounds very Trump-like.

We don’t have one for my son…yet. Probably should but his school is really good about watching out for him. Essentially my son is 95% normal but just has an occasional seizure. We’ve worked with the school to be sure he’s safe (e.g. they got new chairs with arms for him to sit in so he wouldn’t fall out of his seat when he has a seizure). A 504 would basically do the exact same thing but just formalizes the plan. It’s good to have in case key people like the principal or nurse leave the school or if you change schools.

my friends kid doesnt have any issues that i am aware of. perhaps its ADD or something like that. but its good that these kind of plans exist. i like the idea of a formal plan if i was in your shoes.

wish STL jr all the best