5100 points in a year


(And not many two-pointers from creating my own threads.)

Apparently, I need a life.

Your name should now be S5000magician You’ve been very helpful to us Many thanks


It wasn’t that long ago that I felt pretty comfortable at #7 in the rankings, now I’m likely going to be dropped off the first page of the leaderboard by the end of the year. I feel like Tiger Woods on a Sunday lately.

2500+ in 9 months for me… not as impressive… T_T

Bchad will be overtaken by September 2015. I just hope the Dow Jones is higher than both of your post totals.

Nana, thanks and I am much impressed with your valuable thoughts and advice.

S2000magician - salute you sire!

no I think you are more impressive. s2000 has such a high post count because he decided to congratulate everyone in the exam results thread one at a time. for some reason he feels its so important to have a high post count.

I wondered how long it would take for you to mention that.

have you only been a member for a year?

I suppose the number of posts congratulating results are vastly outweighed by the number of posts answering people’s questions

Yup. Joined on St. Paddy’s Day, 2013.

Thank you~!!!


Bump to up my post count. I’ve been here for three years.

Nana’s definitely one of the good guys.

I think you mean girls.

^ Pics or she doesn’t exist.

Lol…you mean Nana? For many people, her valuable comments and thoughts speak louder than a pic or her existence :slight_smile:

Congrats Ms.Nana and Mr.Magician !!! Have you two converted your points to AF rewards?

^ You need to have a US address to redeem your points.

The rewards I’ve gotten are the thanks from those who’ve passed their exams.

Seriously, what more do I need?

(Other than a 575 Maranello, that is.)


I am curious what does it mean by putting “^” at the beginning of the sentence? I saw some others do the same…