59 percent on mock...am i screwed?

I am averaging around low 60s mid 50s right now…not sure what to do.

You have plenty of time to improve. The beauty is in the review. I bet after reviewing the questions you got wrong you will not get them wrong again. Do as many mocks as you can and drill practice questions all day.

About 1 month to go so who knows… but definitely not a good sign.

One thing i notice about about your posts, you ask about a lot of fine detail in your posts that can’t possibility memorize. I suggest sticking to the core and less obscure details.

Sounds like where I was last year. I failed. The good news is you have a month to grind. I didn’t have that time last year with a baby and job. You’ll also be going in with less pressure, for what it’s worth.

On bright side, in 365 days from now, you could be where tactics is right now: one month from passing! Or pass this year and take out the l3 next year. Grind?


When you say that is where you were last year, you mean 5.5 weeks prior to exam? Or right before exam?

What band was your failing score?

i got a 65 percent on an exam two weeks ago,

This biggest thing that hurt me is that i did NOT study at all really the last 3 weeks, due to changing jobs

how long did you spend on each practice problem reviewing? in terms of minutes

So thats why the board has been pretty quiet…

Assuming you are ~60%, you are close and have a good amount of time left before the exam. My opinion would be that you can absolutely get that up to a passing score in the next 5.5 weeks, and I wouldn’t give up. So long as you study both hard and smart, you should be fine. I would find your weak LOSs and spend a good amount of time over the next few weeks honing in on those areas.

While you want to maintain what you’re already good at, you don’t need to waste too much time there… you need to spend time specifically on what you don’t know. The goal is to learn enough NEW material to get your score up.

Keep going ; while I’m sure we’d all like to be scoring in the high 70’s/80’s on mocks at this point in time (and kudos to those that are) it is not necessary for you to pass the exam. I think you are close, provided you finish the next 5.5 weeks right.



Did you do the mock under simulated test conditions? Or did you do a couple then stopped for a phone call, and then quit for a couple of days?

If not under real test conditions the score may not mean much. Knowing the material and performing on exam day are 2 parallel tracks.

Either way – go back through exam, note what you didn’t know, by topic. You might even rank the topics by % of misses.

Focus on what you don’t know – there is a lot of time between now and June 23!