6:45 to 4

Are my new hours and I am loving it. Outta here in 25 minutes! (PST)

You are in Cali.

That is a full 3 hours after the market closes. Lame.

I’m in Cali, and I’m out at 1:45ish.

yea? what is your gig? dedalus Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I’m in Cali, and I’m out at 1:45ish.

I’m in Cali and I work way more than that. Where can I get some of those hours? Also, my friend works at BoA asset management (Columbia I think it’s called) and gets FOUR weeks of vacation in an entry level job. I get negative vacation if you count weekend work as an offset to paid time off. Anyway, it’s hard to complain too much these days… at least we all have jobs.

oh forgot to mention 2 hours lunches (1 hour of which is spent blasting the pec dec for cabo this summer)

Okay, well that makes sense then - no lunch break for me really. I work in asset management in Beverly Hills.

I would rather have no lunch breaks and get out 2 hours earlier.

We only work half days…Any twelve hours we want. Lunch at our desk or meetings We get a break on saturdays and holidays we work till noon. I did take a holiday once but I was told it didn’t really count 'cause it was my honeymoon…