6 More Days! What's your plan for the week?

Me: Monday - go over the wrong questions/related LOS from Exam 1 - Book 6 (got 87% on AM, and 80% on PM) Tuesday - AM of Exam 2 and review wrong answers/LOS, yoga class to relax Wednesday - full exam Thursday - check out the venue, make sure my ticket is printed, etc, go over wrong answers of full exam Friday - half exam I have 2 exams from Schweser book 7 (I did one previously) and half an exam from Stalla. Do you suggest I try to squeeze in an extra half or full exam in my week, or what?

i reckon you’ve paid for them, so try to squeeze them in… or even just do the topics that you are worse in…

will go over quant once more (third time), will review formula as much as i can. will read ethics for nth time and just that. not planning on taking any practice exam, in fact, havent taken any yet, but i feel very confident and i think i have a fine grasp of the material. will seee what happens