6 part questions...

I just did a session exam review for study session 10 and I encountered (3) 6-part questions. I have yet to see any questions like these in the Qbank but they were really tedious and annoying. I would expect 2 and 3 part questions on the real exam, but does anyone know if there are actually 6-part questions like these on the real exam. Thanks.

All questions in L1 of the real exam are 1 part questions. 6 part, 2 part questions are those made by Stalla, Schweser, and NONE OF THEM EVER APPEAR ON THE REAL EXAM For L1. For L2, 6 part questions are the norm, though I’ve heard. (They are called question sets there). CP

CFAI explicitly addresses this question. http://cfainstitute.org/cfaprog/resources/multiplechoicetips.html

Ok, cool. Thanks guys. That link was helpful.