60 question CFAI Mock

Took the first one this morning. Harder than I would have hoped / expected. I got a 67%. I guess I’ll try to be happy with that, given that I’m on a laptop and reading it on the screen takes a serious toll. Still, I’d be alot happier if it didn’t say “You FAILED this self assesment”. Little bastards. Anyone else take this yet?

it is alright, I took M2 with a guy today, sitting side by side. He got 66%, and still confident that he is gonna be out of curve. No mention what I got…

what i am saying is that you can do it… since taking test on computer is alot harder than paper one. you can always go back and change it to a “more correct” one. So you can do it. .

Thanks, but what is M2?

mock 2

took mock 1 and got a 63%. 4 more correct answers gets me a 70 Thoughts: -much more qualitive than schweser exams, not nearly as much calculations -on some of the less weight subjects like quant, pm, derivatives and econ: you can still score decently on these problems just by knowing the basics. I think spending time memorizing just the fundamentals here is much more efficient then knowing it inside and out. They tested much more macro concepets in these subjects, then you would expect and there was very little calucualton in these here. Most of the calculations came in asset valuation and FSA. -doing schweser exams is still useful, just make sure you know fundamentals behind all the calculations. -also, the exam took me almost the entire time as i spent a good amount of time thinking/working out the conceptional questions

I definitely agree. It was very conceptual. I felt like I did when I walked out of level I, thinking “gee…I wish I understood the basic ideas more, 'cause I bet those questions would hav been easy…” This really drove home the fact that I kno alot of formulas but not alot of theory. I barely used my calculator at all.

Hi everyone - lurker here from last year, first posting this year. Question - I’ve seen people mentioning the CFAI Mock and the CFAI Sample exams. What is the difference between the two? I haven’t taken the L2 ones yet (clearly) but last year I took a few of the CFA online ones for Level 1 (in addition to all of Schweser Book 6 and 7). My takeaway was that while Book 7 seemed “harder” and the CFA ones seemed very straightforward, the CFA ones were much more confusing to me, I think mostly because they are sooo qualitative and also because they mess with your minds in the way they word things. My scores on those were lower than my Schweser scores. The test, however, is the same way, so I plan on taking as many of the CFAI practices I can get my hands on. Does anyone else remember that there were questions on last year’s test that were almost verbatim from the online samples? (PS: to the point of the test being straightforward but confusing - I will never forget some question from Level 1 last year that was like, “which of the following is LEAST likely to DECREASE the firms risk of VIOLATING the NEGATIVE debt covenants” or something like that … I was like, cripes, I know what ratio they’re asking about, but I can’t figure out whether the ratio should be going up or down to satisfy that convoluted question!!)

exam 2 pm 77