62.5% curse

Guys, have been doing some tests (Sch+CFA) and the score is always in 60-65% range. No overweight on a particular weak sector or topic - just 60-65%… Anybody else stuck in the same situation? What do you think is the best strategy to improve it a little bit in last 2 days? (I’m assuming going thru all the books is not an option). Cheers.

AMC + Ethics + GIPS

  • Immunization


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thought it was american movie classics this whole time… i gotta hit the books again…

yeah - I am stuck below it on Shweser. sucks… was getting better scores on Level 2 mocks.

I think Ethics always provides the most efficient return of time. GIPS is memorization, you can pick up some quick points there. Run through behaviorial finance too.

I gotta go over AMC and GIPS again. Re-do that immunization question is schweser exam 2 with the dividends reinvested, and learn Macro calcs still…

it depends… if everytime you can’t do a question if you are saying “I know this but cant exactly remember” then just review everything. if you say “wtf is this?” when u see the questions then focus on the topics they suggested.

Thx! I guess my case is always “Oh, I know, but sht, I’m not sure when you put it like this…”. So will try to go thru the stuff