65% for exam 1 of Schweser practice exams. Is it good enough?

Just finished this set today and I am really concerned. For level one, I can get about 75% right. Also my feeling was CFA real exam for level one is easier than Schweser practice exam. Is it still true for level 2? I am wondering if somebody here has finished all six exams and some online CFA mock exams. If so, can you give me some feedback? Is the first exam of Schweser harder or easier than others? Can I pass the real exam with 65% success rate? Thanks.

Which book?

Schweser practice exam 1.

I scored 58%

65% volume 1 exam 1 65% volume 1 exam 2 I hope to be above 70% for the next ones

Hi, i score around that 65% value also. Today is my first attempt to do the schweser mock exam. I found the question body is extremely lengthy. But the question itself does not require a lot of calculation. What do you think? Another thing is I still found that the LOS is difficult to memorize as I read the later session and forget the previous session. Hope I can catch up in the next two weeks.

According to the Schweser site, that score is about average. That means with a 50% pass rate you are borderline. You have two weeks to go and it is close between you and that other 65% dude. Are you going to let him win?

Sounds really scary! Guess I am right in the middle of the distribution curve. Since CFAI let fewer than 50% people pass, I guess we should really work hard.

also keep in mind that there are those that don’t even use a study system (Stalla or Schweser or even do a practice test). If you are around the average of those posting scores on Schweser…you are probably significantly above average if you look at the global candidate pool

i scored 100%…

This is a good idea. Only people who did well tend to show off their scores? So a lot of people with lower percentage simply won’t report it? Sorry for these guygs. BTW, I do not believe there are many who do not use a study guide. Level 2 candidates are much more serious than level 1. At least for me, my company only pay the fee once. So I have to pass this time. Otherwise, I shall be at least 600 dollars behind.