7 City Mock - How did it go?

I wrote the 7 City mock and my scores were 82/120 and 96/120. Does anyone think they are close to the real thing?

hey - i just did this. I got an 91/120 and a 99/120. I think that’s about a 78.66. I thought the first part was a lot harder than the second half. I took all 3 hours for the first part and only took about 2 hours for the afternoon. I was pretty happy with my score but they had you put down what you got on the attendance sheet and a lot of people were getting low 80s for the morning. Ah, well, I’ll just keep studying and see how it goes.

For level I I thought it was pretty good, albeit easier than the real thing. Their level II exam is a completely different story, don’t waste your time next year.