7 days to go....burnout stage reached

The more I study the less I know… I realize that this is impossible, but right now it feels like it! I have studied for 5 months and I really have put in the hours…but the closer the exam comes, the less confident I feel. I have promised by husband to take a day off studying tomorrow - he is convinced that I am simply suffering from studying-burnout. We’ll see if he’s right!

It’s funny how other’s people solution to help you study is always, “You should take some time off and give yourself a break.” LOL.

Yeah if you’re not retaining much take some time off. A day or two away can do wonders for your productivity and a renewed focus for the material.

kingstongal Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > The more I study the less I know… Never a truer word spoken. I’ve been at it since end of January and I physically feel as if my brain is expanding (not in a good way)…I seriously don’t know how returning candidates can put themselves through this more than once.

I would try different techniques. you might see a Schweser video or do a difficult problems in your favorite section or try to memorize only few formulas or just concentrate one vignette like FCRP/Swaps or work out or do meditation or play with kids or best thing sleep. If nothing else works out, then take half day off and watch a movie or help out solving problems in analyst forum for others

I’m right there with you, just took my 10th practice exam and I am beat. On top of that, I think I’ve spent over 1000 hours studying, which includes 4 months from last year. Definitely am peaking way too early.

I’m so frickin burned out

Hats off Bpdulog…I cannot stand this fricking thing for 1000 hours.

I just tried to compile a list of everything I need to review (after going at this thing for 6 months) and its truly demoralizing to sit here w/ 7 days left and realize how much I still don’t know. but f* the pity parties, just hit it hard for one more week and then you wont have any “coulda/should/woulda” regrets. if the test rocks you, at least you tried hard.

take one day off, you’d be surprised how better you can study after.

Don’t think of studying in terms of 10 hour chunks or only 7 days left or anything. Just pick a small topic you think you could work on and tell yourself you will look at it for an hour or so, then if you get done with it and still feel like you can keep going, pick another topic and so on.

I felt like that last weekend. Just burnt out out of no where. I was into it all during the week then the weekend hit and I just lost it. Struggled thru it till Thursday and now I feel good again. I just kept studying and took more breaks. A day off will def do wonders or at least a couple of hours

soo sleepyyyy from 2 days :S although i slept 8 hours yesterday :-/