>70% all topics

Hey all,

Just out of curiosity, what are the chances of failing the level 1 (if any) exam with an >70% in all topics? Assuming anyone has any sort of idea.

Zero chance…Unless of course you get caught up in a PCP investigation and have your exam voided, or some such…

The CFAI has said once before that anyone who gets over 70% on the exam will NOT fail.

Was that in the '60s, or in the '70s? I forget.

don’t think it was that long ago. I believe it was a quote from some high ranking CFAI official in the last 10 years

genuinely curious if 70% overall is still good with a shocker in ethics (30-50%)

I’d be probably more impressed if you managed to fail with 70% on everything.

From what I know, you could in theory score 0 percent is some areas not as heavily weighted Ie Alts, Derivatives and still pass the exam as long as you meet the MPS.