>70% in All 10 Topics

Did anyone score >70% in all 10 Topic Areas?

Yes, our star tickersu :slight_smile:

I got 9 topic areas, but missed on Ethics.

Same but I missed on Quant :frowning:

Are you seriously sad about that? To me, my victory seems even sweeter because there are areas in which I got <50 and 50-70! And at the end of the day, both you and I have the same result which is the most important thing.

I got over >70% on all sections and I am pretty happy about it, but I agree; pass is a pass and fail is a fail.

Although for me, what was nice were two things.

  1. coming out of the exam knowing I passed which means I didn’t think / worry about the exam after I wrote it until the marks came out today.

  2. the matrix tells me I understood the sections relatively well and I am moving towards a more rounded finance professional.

Same score here, but if there’s one area i don’t mind not getting above 70 its Ethics. No matter how much I study ethics, I feel like there’s always gonna be a certain number of questions I guess on the test.

Missed on QM

Got 70+ on all sections …

Thanks for the pull, Mace! Haha, but as mentioned before, a pass is a pass and a fail is a fail. I was also fairly confident going in to and coming out of the exam. Glad we’re allowed a break now!

Why am I not surprised Tick? :slight_smile:

Ethics and PM for me was 50 - 70. It’s sad that I feel slightly disappointed that I did not receive greater than 70 in everything when I was hitting 80’s on practice exams.

why am I not surprised by your pass? Congrats, buddy! And thanks!

Congrats tickersu!

Congrats Mace!

Congrats tickersu !!! laugh Thanks for your help on quant, i killed it :)).

congrats to you as well!


congratulations to you, and I’m glad to hear that I was useful haha although, I am sure that your hard work had more to do with your performance!

Congratulations all you guys! Hard work and the respective reward for you.

For those who failed, just remember the objective is not passing the exam, the objective is learning! Keep on the way and you will pass next time!.

How did you prepare Schweser or Elan