73 Days ...!! Is it possible to crack the exam from scratch if I begin now..??

I am a working professional. Approx 70 days left for June exam. Is it possible to crack the level 3 exam if i were to begin from scratch ? or shuld i postpone my exam ?

Do it, and report back on what happened

Any quick time table to follow…?? Like how much time i shuld spend per subject or per chapter ? No of readings ? etc…

Easier than if you wait till tomorrow to start.

Good luck!

You can definitely do it. Haters are always going to hate; and since it is a competition, they want you to fail, so they can succeed and hit that MPS. If you go all out with $, you can definitely do it (Schweser videos, final review, etc).

Set up a strict and systematic study schedule and follow some of the study guides on this forum. Good luck.

UNLESS, forzamilan is taking the same level as OP and actually believes there’s little chance OP can pass, he is therefore trying to influence OP to take it anyway by saying things like “haters going to hate”, so it will help pull down the MPS and help his own chances.

Did get my studies started… Schwesers are super dry and boring…but i guess thts how the entire level 3 curricullam is… I have got a bunch of past papers with solutions… Seems pretty helpfu, If any1 needs it let me know…!!

Hi Zed

I need the past papers with answers. Can you share?

You already paid for it, so you may as well do the best you possibly can.

Ur email id ?


Could you pls send me the past papers and solutions - laxya.25@gmail.com



Hey Zed,

Could you please send them to me as well? Much appreciated!

v.kurmanalieva @ gmail . com

Hi Zed! I am in the same boat as you, have only read through the first half of the second volume of the CFAI books…I am planning on skimming through the rest as quickly as I can and then hitting hard practice exams, as many as I can. Would you send me the papers and solutions you have? zori.mba@gmail.com.

Thank you - please share any good tips/suggestions you may have.

hahaha… d only good tip i can give is study hard and pray to god… thts wat i am doing atleast…:stuck_out_tongue:

God won’t help you.

Plenty of time. I just finished my first reading. How much time can you commit is the question?

Me too almost done with the first reading. Are you taking it for the first time?

Omg… I have just started my first reading… I think i rilly need a miracle now…!!!

zed - please share the past papers with answers @ nagaraju(dot) reg @ gmail (dot)com. TY.

Where do you get the old test papers from?

The past AM exams can be found on the CFAI website.