hey, can anyone suggest which classes are better off: 7 city/schweser/sharp for level 3? Are they overcrowded at schweser because i am not comfortable asking questions in a huge class? as it is a big investment alongwith the CFA fees… so i want to evaluate well before investing Another stupid question: Can one manage with the 2008 schweser for 2009 exam, as there seems to be hardly any changes plus for new things u always have CFAI text backup.

rasharma: i am planning to do the same. got the 2008 schweser material to go along with the 2009 cfa texts. readings are mostly the same so should be OK. however, the LOS’s being shuffled around does make it a little inconvenient.

Yodhava: good to know there are others like minded. i believe as far as u know the LOS’s its fine, otherwise also schweser do align the LOS as per their convenience or thought

This thread has talks about the LOS differences between 08 and 09. http://www.analystforum.com/phorums/read.php?13,819501