8:50 Saturday Morning


It is :frowning:

I feel guilty …I woke up @ 12;30 pm .

I’m having Cinnabon for breakfast to make myself feel better. Today is Stalla test #3 day!!!

Iwona how have you done on the tests? What do you think of them, I’m doing them later in the month… Also how are you grading the mornign section :slight_smile:

I think that they are pretty easy, which is not to say that I’m scoring good on them… #1 AM I got 60% #1 PM I got 60% #2 AM I got 61% #2PM I got 78% #3 AM In progress right now - actually is the best of them yet, it has a bunch of weird IPS questions eg: casualty insurance company case, Defined benefit plan and so on. Grading Morning session - Stalla makes it pretty easy, under each answer they tell you: give yourself one point for correct statement (eg: which allocation is the best A B or C) and 2 points for the correct explanation. I look for the words in the answer and the words I use. obviously it’s a bit tough not to be subjective so I’m trying to be tough on myself. ok back to the test now…

haha…if I recall I think I always found the 1st Stalla test the most difficult but that could have been b/c it was normally the 1st test I took, so I could be exhibiting overconfidence…

So depressed : ( Horrible study day, constant distractions… Hopeless

at least you studied! I went fishin and took the dog to the dog park…

8:50 saturday night…

12 hours ago… Hopes so high… So naive… But I was only a kid then

Finished reviewing CFAI readings - Global performance evaluation and the Case for International diversification. By midnight, plan to finish reviewing Emerging market finance and Investing in BRICs from Schweser. Not touchin CFAI for these two readings. Schweser does these in just 12 pages, whereas CFAI has close to 50 pages of BS.

Schweser does a good job on GIPS

10:15pm. Saturday night. Still here after 14 grueling hours. 3 more left before I call it a night.

You are a true ninja warrior

well at least it didn’t take you guys 4 hours and 23 minutes to do a practice test! Oh that is bad!! if you count breaks that I took then the total comes up to 6 hours! yayks, my hand hurts from writing and I cant even bring myself to grade it. oh I can’t sit any more, my butt hurtsss!!! my poor butt… I’m burning my office chair after this test is over, I swear! thats along with the sweats that I wear all the time! and CFAI books. what else can I burn?

burn the schweser books you got at the seminar last month. I really hate the douchebag they have on the cover!

Dong that is so funny! the guy looks so constipated and bored, and what’s up with those eyebrows? He’s possessed by the devil! yayks! Hows studying?

I’m approaching the 17th hour, of which 15 of them were spent studying, and 2 hours were spent showering (finally) and eating. I know most of the major concepts, but not well enough to write them all out in essay format. I am so screwed.

Long day for me too pimp. Started at 8AM PST, it is now just after 10PM PST. Have been going all day except about 3 hours, and will probably go till midnight or 1AM depending on how tired I get. Got alot accomplished today, but still feel soooooooo far off where I need to be. Stress levels are really starting to kick up. Iwona, sounds like we need to keep those responses shorter. Don’t forget, point form is fine. I remember reading a thread last year where alot of people felt they failed because they got caught up in writing long winded answers and they ran out of time in the morning session. Good time to get a handle on that now.