8 Days...Plans?

At this point I don’t want to burn out with questions. Might go over secret sauce again, review CFAI mocks/samples and volume 6 (the 1’s i got wrong)…anyone else doing anything similar?

I have the entire next week off. The plan is to spend 5 hours every day on questions/practice exams and 5 hours for review. So about 70 more hours of preparation to go!

lucky you get off…where are you sitting for the exam? at this point should i just continue the q-bank? some of the q’s are extremely repetitive

Phili. I would suggest a good mix of review and practice exams (to keep you warmed up for the real one). The mix of course depends on where you are in your preparation.

book 7

ive heard a lot of people thought book 7 was harder and unrealistic to the actual exam? what did you think Isura?

It’s probably better prep than qbank. Exam 1 is mostly old cfa problems.

Today I’ll be doing the CFAI Mock I, then finishing up on SS17&18 on the video lectures. Tomorrow will be reviewing weak areas. Sunday will be CFAI Mock II, reviewing weak areas. Monday will be a mix of Passmaster Q’s and a review of Ethics. Tuesday I’ll be taking Stalla’s Mock Exam, and going over weak areas again. Wednesday will be an FSA refresher. Not sure what I’ll be doing on Thursday or Friday yet…

Tonight, quant refresher. Tomorrow ethics and CFA Mock II and a couple of beers. Sunday Review of all FSA questions I have done (6 schweser exams worth and 2 mocks and drill down on weakness) Monday night (work during the day0 - review fixed income Tuesday night - derivatives and AI Wednesday night - Port Management and Economics Thursday - exam from book 7 and asset valuation Friday - ethics, ethics and ethics and FSA. Good luck.

i learn more by repetitively reading the text rather than doing billions of qbank questions, so i will mostly be reading and attempting book 6 exams throughout the week. but of course i just said that because i have little $ and can’t afford extra study things like qbank.

im with you…college budget here

1st, Keep doing questions every day. 2nd, Reread my trouble areas every day 3rd - Keep a stable and predictable diet that is very healthy and brainy (tuna, eggs). 4th - Go for a long jog at least every other day. 5th - go to bed at the same time each day so that I will be awake on test day

Taking all the remaining Schweser mocks, Stalla mocks, plan to wrap up Wed-Thursday with the CFAI mocks taken in the AM/PM as my final go. Today is strictly a review day based on the 2 Schweser mocks, a 7City mock and the two CFAI samples Ive taken so far. I know what I need to review now and will focus on those topics today. Next Friday is re-reading of the Standards of Professional Conduct book front to back and review of what I’ve ID’d as trivial pursuit material you can only really memorize(technical analysis, business cycle attractive investments, etc). I’ll also try to memorize some obscure formulas and ratios so they’re somewhat fresh. I’ll probably only quiz myself on Ethics that day. Plan to be in bed by 10 so I’m well rested for gametime. May also try to get in an hour of exercise that day too, may just read the SPC on the treadmill.

hey jlive 1975… do u have second mock answers in soft copy??? plz tell me he link where it is available or sent me at kewlalan200@yahoo.com

approaching c and northwestern - send me an email and I may be able to help you out… (jamescox00 gmail) plan for the next week (from sydney australia), not necessarily doing all the practice exams in test conditions. saturday - read over problem areas (formulas i keep forgetting, concepts that are not clear yet), do schweser 3 hour mock. likely to have a few beers tonight. Sunday - go over problem areas from mock exam, watch ss 16,17,18 videos if necessary, do CFAI mock, Monday - , go over econ, PM, + more problem areas do another CFAI mock Tuesday - FSA + Quant + another mock Wednesday - what happens from here on in will depend on progress so far… Thursday - ? Friday - ? Saturday - ? Sunday -