8 hours till start of the exam

counting down.

i have about 18

9 hrs here.

18 hours

Bilal, you find a safe place to take your test? I hope all is well on your end.

things calmed down almost 4-5 days ago and I hope it would stay this way for the coming 24 hours. There’s always instabitlity here and there but its a biggie you know? It’s all good as long as it doesn’t reach the capital.

Things “should” be okay (I can’t say will be okay cause i have to differentiate between opinion and facts).

Thanks for asking, appreciated :). I think I’ll be the first AFer to sit for the exam.

9 hours

Good luck to all in Europe…Tomorrow is just another day, after you guys. On top of this page, did I see “183 days”?-:slight_smile:

kaboom time

9.5 hours!

Jakarta, tomorrow morning…

8 hours and still awake? brave :S 21:50 EST over here.

2 hours for me … wish me luck :slight_smile: good luck everyone … m gona review derivatives formulas and a bit of my notes.

21 hours :slight_smile: