8 new readings added to 2018 curriculum, omfg !!

I know it’s probably not the best time but 8? really?

it said 7… but if you count then it’s 8. I think the 7 is a typo.

plus 5 deletions, and 1 revised.

if you fail… bascially like almost starting over from square 1. very unfair in my opinion.

I took L3 twice ( 2016 & 2017) No reason that I should have to start over if I fail today.

You are right, it’s 8 freaking new readings

2018 readings…


Is it totally new stuff, or only change in name like they did in L1 & L2 before

YES it’s the WRONG time! Lol. My lord, on rules day you want to clutter the thread. I’m being sorta sarcastic here but our nerves are high. Let us have our last day. ,)

Dude, how come R8 and R9 are marked as new/change? CFA did not mention these 2 readings

It doesn’t look that bad. Some synergies (asset allocation/ai) and some topics look like they’ve just been more defined (fi pm). I expect the core principles will remain largely intact (hoping not to find out definitively).


If there is a significant change, we can hope for a over 60% pass rate.

New exam date, new readings … all these makes “pass” much more valuable than ever.

Because of this the moment of checking the result will be very difficult for me ( + my low confidence…)

Oh man couldn’t you find a better thing to share at this time just 1 hour before the exam?

Sorry, just couldn’t keep it to myself

chill mate…best of luck.

Are you so pessimistic? I know that we all can fail but definately its not the best time to think about changes. You should think about if you need to register again, not earlier…