8 weeks of society review!!!!!

Got an email from my local society that they may take up to 8 weeks to decide. 8 long weeks?? Really?? What exactly does this ‘review’ entail? does anyone know? A little more transparency will be nice, I think…

My impression is that the review itself doesn’t take that long since they are simply reviewing your submitted work experience and a few other items. It can take longer that it seems it should because some societies only perform membership reviews periodically (once a month, etc.) vs. continuously.

I’m in the same boat…has anyone ever heard of a society not approving of the CFAI recommendation? I had to resubmit a few times before getting all of my experience finally approved by CFA and am now in the society review black hole…I’m assuming I am in, but wanted to see if anyone knew of any exceptions before I ordered new business cards (which I obviously would not use until I got the final nod, but they take a couple of weeks to prepare and I have already been waiting 3 years, lol)!

It won’t take 8 weeks.

I had an issue with work ex, they wanted more detail so I got the thumbs up on 9/2 from CFAI. I gave my sponsor an e-mail yesterday he told me a week to 10 days tops. Most of the society committees only meet once a month at best so if your info gets there the day after they meet that is why you could be out 8 weeks. I have my cards in my desk and my e-mail signature already set to go.

I am in the same boat. Did we really need a local society? I would have not even bothered if I would have known it takes this long. Thank you DFW!

how long does it take cfai normally to approve work experience, its been about 10 days for me right now… and do the sponsors need to be in before they approve work exp?

your sponsors have to provide their statements first about your work experience before the CFAI even starts to look at it.

In my case, the CFAI took less than a week after the sponsors were done. But ‘Under Review - Society’ for 2 weeks now

Just got the email with the link to pay this morning. And the 3 letters magically appeared on my login page as soon as I paid… Pretty efficient, I must confess All sorted now!!!