$80K, 4yrs, Boston, Industry research?

have searched on glassdoor, salary.com etc…just wanted the opinion from here: A friend of mine has been offered $80K+ for an industry research position (preparing reports on financial markets in general - like McKinsey etc do) for a large institutional investor. He has around 3+ years exp (in similar research oriented roles for financial markets), masters from a nondescript school, and level 2 cleared. is it a fair deal? glassdoor etc give a very broad range of 70K-150K. wondering if he has scope for bargaining?

He should take it

If there’s potential to move up and grow in the position; I would advise him/her to take it.

What is your friend’s next best opportunity? A bad offer for someone with many opportunities is a good offer for someone with few opportunities…

A market research firm like Global Insights? Or consulting firm like Monitor Group? heard the the analyst class start off like 50-60k + 5-15% bonus. If he had a master and close to CFA he would probably be an associate level. 65-75k + 10-20% bonus. 80k sounds like it is in his ball park.

It is an institutional asset management firm which plans to set up a research center… covering macro stuff… tacitly promoting the firm in the media/investor circles.

The salaray seems reasonable. The job is definitely worth taking if he can get into the research center on the ground floor. Lot’s of opportunity to carve out a niche for himself and cover an area he is genuinely interested in.