$900 thank you Mr Rudd!

So it seems australias prime minister is giving everyone who filed a 2008 tax return 900$ cash to help stimulating the economy. What a joke better spent on infrastructure projects and the like. I am happy to take it and will use it to help stimulate the scandinavian economy, where I am not living. Most aussies im sure will use it on stimulating the beer and cigarettes sectors, so go long on alcohol companies on the ASX!

This was announced 3 weeks ago, where have you been? Under a rock?

I’m in sheltered scandinavia, so yes under a rock pretty much

If someone were to visit Australia for the first time where would you recommend them going? I’d have about 2 weeks to be there.

Well I guess you need to do sydney and whole harbour bridge and opera house thing. Not my cup of tea, but as a first time tourist to the place i guess it must be seen. Its a country of great contrast… so it depends what you like. For me the best is the beaches. I would go to northern queensland, the whole area around cairns and the whitsunday islands. Check out the beaches, the islands, the barrier reef, and then the daintree rainforest is jsut outside of cairns too and thats where the rainforest comes right to the beach and tis quite spectacular in my opinion. 2 weeks though is not very long. Maybe give it a miss but melbourne is my home town and tisa reat city too, good culture and nightlife etc.

USF, yeah depends what sort of an experience you’re after. Some of the places in the Northern Territory & WA are def worth seeing also, though it’s not so much a relaxing holiday. I agree with scando, nothern queenlands got some beautiful places, I want to hire a yacht and sail around up there… maybe my Rudd money can help!

All I can say is stay clear of Adelaide unless you want to bore yourself to death :wink: Sydney is where the majority of ppl go but the nightlife in Melbourne is easily the best. Beaches I would go to Gold Coast, Bondi and any beach around Perth, they are awesome. With only 2 weeks, I would suggest visiting only two major cities; otherwise it would be a waste. $900 is such a waste!! Pay off debt for me lol

Yep beaches in western australia are bloody brilliant too, especially way off remote broome area. As you can tell though covering all of taht turf is jsut too much for 2 weeks. My advice work out what you prefer, if its city’s beaches or spectacular landscapes etc, or one with a little of the otehr mixed in. Then go from there

Thanks for the replies. Trying to get some ideas for a honeymoon.