A bet on corporate finance

Just parousing what’s covered in corporate finance, and i’m going to make a bet that this year you’ll get a good bang for your buck out of corporate finance, given that a some things that are covered in that chapter are getting a lot attention in the finance world.

Dividends vs share repurchase based on the fiscal cliff and implications of raising taxes on dividends.

Corporate governance - i’m gonna spend some extra time here given how much flak boards are taking these days. Take your pick, you’ve got chesapeake, yahoo, best buy just off the top of my head, i’m sure there are plenty of others as well.

Hope i’m right and that it’s able to help someone because i’m sure many of you are feeling the pressure just like me.

Good luck all

Corporate governance studying felt like memorizing lists to me.

I would bet on MM theory and dividends too , lot of debate/discussions on dividends after apple’s dividend payout

Maybe, but I believe they make the CFA exam much farther in advance than this. Not saying that they wouldn’t want to test this, it is always an important topic, but I guarantee the exams are finalized months in advance.