A better way to look at Level 1 pass rate

I wonder what the pass rate is for the people that actually properly prepare. If only about 35% of the people that actually take the exam pass, I would guess that 50 - 60% of the people taking the exam don’t really study/prepare much. So… Say 1000 take the exam: 500 - 600 don’t really study, so throw them out. that leaves 400 - 500 that actually study hard and prepare. If 350 (35% of the 1000 taking the exam) pass, the pass rate would be 350/500 to 350/400 (70% - 87.5%). That’s better. So, if we are really optimistic, for those of us that studied 87.5% will pass!!!

:-). Good point. I actually know that quite a lot of people that take the exam don’t really prepare enough. I am actually starting to believe that i can pass this thing:-)

Pass or fail, at this point I’m just going to give it my best shot. Got laid off from my analyst job a couple months ago, so there’s no work-related pressure to pass. At this point I’m in it for personal reasons, including proving to myself that I can handle the scale and complexity of the material. Also would like to see a tangible result from the ~$2k I invested in registration and Schweser materials. Not to mention all the hours I’ve already put into this thing…I am going to finish what I started.

Well I wouldn’t bank too hard on that. Some people who put in the half ass amount of time that you claim don’t even bother to show. I can say from experience that if you are getting ~70% on the practice exams (Schweser or CFAI) that you stand a good chance of passing.

I have a friend that signed up way before me and he will not be sitting for the exam. He found a job in April and was content with it. Studied between rounds of xbox live and now has given up completely. Pretty stupid in my opinion and I have told him so but he does not seem worried nor motivated.

If more people had that attitude, then it would be alot easier to pass L1!

I guess the chance is 50%/50% (you will either pass or fail :slight_smile: